Don't Act like Racism Doesn't Exist


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Racism is something that one can't speak on unless they experienced themselves

Looking to be treated equally like everyone else is simply like a toddler reaching for a 6 foot shelf

Is it because I am black and my ancestors were slaves?

That you judge me on the brown skin that I have or simply this black shade

Going to the store some white people treat me like have a life threating contagious disease

Even when I simply cough or sneeze

I hate the rude stares and remarks made

I feel as if because I'm black I'm expected to be uneducated and not go to school

I'm insulted daily and talked to like I'm a stupid illiterate fool

I will live above the hurtful stereotypes and lies

Because the slave owners felt the same away about my ancestors

While some slaves were raped they simply didn't care and ignored the cries

And it's still the same today you wake up and try to do good

But again all black people are expected to live in the projects or hood

We can't do something positive without being treated like crap

Even the simple things we want to do like sing or rap

I thought since the civil rights occurred this problem would go away

But it seems like I'm getting treated worse today then yesterday

I will outlive the stereotypes made towards me

For one no person knows how it feels to be treated like a never occurring fee

Looking back into the past

I have a boat load of questions to ask

For example why is it that when blacks go to an interview we may have the skills for the job but we aren't choosed

Some cases of racism are never even mentioned on the news

But rarely do you hear a solution to the chaos

So on Sunday Morning I pray to God to help us all standing in front of the alter beside the pew

I simply am a human who deserves to be treated with respect

Instead of being included in a statistic because I am a different hue then from you

Again I try to understand why this is still occurring in present day but I have no clue

For I didn't comprehend the severity of racism in America until I got older and grew

The determination inside of my heart is one hard to stop

I wish to be successful in life simply because I would like to make it to the top

I will never forget the struggles my ancestors encountered to make sure that I didn't have to live something similar to their life

For they didn't want me to go through the many struggles they did and experience the strife

I am happy for these efforts because it has made me to be thankful

Forgive those who hurt my ancestors and try not be hateful

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