Medusa’s Gift

Mon, 10/14/2019 - 17:31 -- dez2020

Attacked on the steps of my own church, 

I sought the guidance of god.

She granted me protection, 

A shield turned weapon,

to turn the head of any attacker,

Now and forever.

She knew the wisdom, the peace

Of being alone


If I ever wished for company,

 I simply needed my hair to be covered,

To preserve the gift I was handed,

I sought the arms of protection in my sisters

Who recognized the wisdom in being left alone,


When my sisters need an escape

From their own attackers, they find me

My gift a shelter, my shield a beacon.

I became a home for the lost and beaten,

The hurt and defeated,

And those in need of

The gift of being left alone.


But still, attackers pursued me,

And those who joined me along the way,

So time again, my gift became used as a weapon.

Anger fueling me as I step in,

We just want to be left alone.


And then a hunter, with weapons of his own

Granted by powerful foes,

Came to attack this peaceful shelter.

A garden I can still remember,

And I just want to be left alone. 


I am tired,

I am angry, 

And my patience is thinning.

My shield abandoned,

My hair wild, my will unyielding

My face full of fury, in defense of my homestead,

I draw my weapon and loose my head because

I just want to be left alone.



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