Tender Gifts

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 20:38 -- atsc1

The tender gift of your gentle lips

graced my chilled, red cheeks

for the first time


The gift of your tenderness

gives me reason

to wake from my depressive slumber


Life has meaning

for the first time


I miss the miss that I met

on a cold, crisp Sunday morn’

who recalled nature’s beauty to me

But she was nature’s beauty to me


Your ambient smile was all I needed

to relieve myself of the ambiance of my thoughts

And an eternity past,

is a moment away from you


Life had meaning

for the first time


I remember your honeycomb hair

I remember your peach stained lips

I remember your warm embrace

when I fell short of breath,

you were there to breathe life back into me


We laughed, we cried,

we didn’t quite understand the word “Love”

But we shared a feeling of indescribable magnificence

that made us feel needed by our world--each other


Life had meaning

for the first time


You are my heart

You have my heart

You broke my heart

You damaged my heart


The time we spent together, so little,

but so dense,


now gone,

but never forgotten

forever a lingering spirit in my heart


Life has forgotten it’s meaning

for the last time.


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