My Anxiety Is Not Contagious

No, I am not crying over a boy.

No, I am not just a bit stressed.

No, I am not just being a teenager.


Yes, I know I am shaking.

Yes, this has happened before.

Yes, I want you to leave me alone.


I need to be alone.

I need my mom.

I need my pills.


What is it like in your head?

What is the silence like?

What is it like to be not afraid?


Can I go home?

Can I run away for a while?

Can I ever be free?


Is there a way out?

Is there an off switch?

Is there a solution that

Isn't drugs

Isn't therapy

Isn't wrtten on my skin?


You don't understand and

You don't have the time to care and

You need to go.


Need to talk?

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