It's My Job, Dad

I don't want you to turn out like your brother,

It's a little late for that, we have the same color eyes.

Stop being so dependent on me, your sixteen now.

Alright, I'll move out as soon as I turn eighteen.

With what money? You're still just a kid.

I'll get a job. I'll leave this place in a heartbeat.

No you will not.

Your only job is to study.




Do well--No.

Do better, be the best.

You aren't pushing yourself.

If I had the opportunities you did, man, I'd be a millionaire.

I never thought my kids wouldn't be as smart as me.

Why can't you get see that the only reason we are living here is for 


You damn kids who don't even try.

No, you don't get it.

I am trying. 

I have many jobs.

My job is to be the middle child.

I mediate all my siblings,

and you and mom when you stay up late arguing.

My job is to be there for my friends,

even if they aren't aren't always there for me.

My job is to look acceptable based on society's high standards.

My job is to learn, and have fun along the way.

I will measure my success based on my own achievements and


standards, not by how much money I make a year.


Yes, it is my job to study, but you are not my boss.

I am in charge of my own destiny, and I will make it out just fine.


I love you dad, and you may know better,


but when it comes to myself,


I know best.




This was so good. I can definetly relate being a second year college student and all.


thank you so much:)

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