A Release


United States
40° 35' 42.774" N, 74° 10' 57.7632" W

I wish the moon could kiss my lips,
Releasing the sorrow I so long have held there.
A gentle touch from beams ever last.
Calms the soul, calms the soul,
Keeps me whole.

A world of pain wrecks itself;
Its parts perceived great than its whole.
What insolence must last? Our death toll.
Calms the ego, calms the ego,
Keeps no one whole.

Everyone can listen, but only the free will hear
And see ignorance, torture, oblivious slaughter.
One is one, and not anything more.
Calms our soul, calms our soul,
Keeps us whole.

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Repetition is a key part of this poem, and it definitely emphasizes the ongoing struggle for civil rights. Wonderful poem! Have you ever thought of turning this poem into a song? I think it would be great as one.

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