You Lost

You sat there and said I was making up excuses to get away from you.You sat there and said I never wanted you. I never loved you. Yet here I am, like a fool making sure your alright.Doing all that I can to help you sleep better at night. Worrying and caring so much that it hurts.Yet, you can't even bother to text back, just treat me like dirt.The dirt beneath your boots and the scum of the earth.Dont you see how much I am worth? I know what you did, you even let it slip.You cheated with this one and that one, her and even him. I let it slide, every time,but the one time I get drunk and bring it up,It gives you the perfect excuse to go and break us up. I stayed by your side for better and for worse,It became a routine, I learned to rehearse,your drinking, you're cheating and all of your lies,your charming smile and those gorgeous blue eyes, You knew just what to do and what to say,every time I would catch you and try to run away.But this time it's different, I can't figure out why,Why you left me, all I can do is cry, Im done with the tears, one day my pain will go away,I just wish you would've stayed. Ill move on and find someone new,I pray to god they are just like you. Crap what am I saying here I go again,wanting you back, what kind of state am I in. I can never treat you like a monster, like everyone says that you are,how can that be when all I am left with is scars? I've ran razors over my skin that numbed me less than this heartbreak,I really don't know how much of this I can take, You threw away the one girl who saw the universe in you,the one who gave what little of herself she had to you,that stayed up listening to you and always being there for you,You threw away the girl would do any and everything for you,and guess what, you lost her. I never thought Id reach this point, sitting here thinking of all that we were,you pushed me this far, i can no longer stand by watching you be with her,so here I am walking away, from you and the memories,you won't even bother this time to try and make me stay.But why would you right? You haven't cared this whole time,you only care when i'm about to give up,thats where you tend to screw up. one day youll see and you'll  realize why,the tears behind my smile,you were the reason i cried. Its funny, I’ve had lighters last longer than you did,i tried to hold on, so much that it hurt,you let me go, and now you see how much i am worth,I never did you wrong, always treated you right,now I'll be the one who moves on,and you'll be the one who cries.        

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