All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye

I’ve grown accustomed to catch up with you

every few months.


You tell me about your job,

I tell you about my new hobbies


Your eyes are darker,

more wrikles surrounding them.


You tell me I haven't changed one bit

but we both know that's not true.


You tease me again for my taste in music,

I laugh like a little kid.


Our conversation drifts,

You bring up the time I hit my head

On the zipper ride at the fair.

You laugh like a little kid.


You carry yourself different,

Always making sure not to say the wrong thing.

I have habits you don’t recognize anymore,

You don't bite your nails like you use to.

My hair is shorter this time around

something you told me I would never have the guts to do.


We’ve lived more,

Gone through different experiences

That have brought us here once again.


Then, in that moment, we’re both thinking it:

Why couldn’t it have been this way in the past?

We're different people who are trying to hold on to the past.


We’ve been saying goodbye for years,

But tonight,

This is the final goodbye.

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