Together We Can Spread The Love

A man at the store
holds open the door
for a woman of two
and with her arms full.
A child sees this
and runs in the heat
to help an old woman
cross the street.
A woman watching
decides to go visit her friend
who just lost her man
to the war in Afghan.
The comforted woman,
at the funeral pyre,
tells of the great people there
who are helping her through
this difficult time.
A young man of twenty-one
attending the funeral in May,
enlists for war,
the very next day.
He spends the rest of his life
protecting other soldiers
remembering what the widow said
on that mournful night.
We can save many lives,
from humans to animals to plants
of all kinds,
if we would just take out
a little of our time
to spread the love
and help someone today.
So that they might
do the same
to the others they meet
and maybe finally
we would know
World Peace.


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