I am From

I am from Marie Smith and Kroix Smith

From single mother poverty and no high school education.

                But I am from my mother and brother’s arms

Ready to embrace always, “I love you.”

I am from next to the border  immigration laws

From hundred plus degree weather without swimming pools.

                But I am from laughter in the rain and

                Barefoot puddle wrestling on 19th Street.

I am from Top Ramen every meal, off stained, plastic dishes

From low grade beefed Hamburger Helper artery cloggers.

                But I am from the faint smell of fresh teriyaki beef jerky

                Cut, Marinated, and Sun dried in our very own  jerky cage.

I am from drugged up guardians, tears, and loud, angry nights

From suicide risks, attempts, and lonely midnight walks.

                But I am from close friends and healthy family

“You are strong.”

I am from stolen health driven households, always fixing someone.

From manic depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pill dependence.

                But I am from frivolous hide and go seek in the dark at the park and

                Board games every Friday until everyone is too tired to yell “Yatzee!”

I am from hope. And I will create hope.

From “Be the change you want to see in the world.”


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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