The Creeping little Girl

In her rebel years a young girl was sent

to drop some medicine to her grandmother's neighborhood.

But her GPS took her into a jungle of wood.

She found a cabin that was shaped like a tent.

In her frustration she went inside

to get some direction

but no one was there to give her attention.

She couldn't find anyone no matter how hard she tried.

In her failure she went into the kitchen

to feed her stomach that grumbled.

She found 3 bowls of porridge untroubled.

She tried a little bit of porridge from each bowl of michon.

The large bowl of porridge was too hot

The medium sized bowl was too cold

The small one was just right and she ate the entire bowl

She then poured a little porridge into the empty bowl from the other two so she could not get caught.

In her satifiaction she went into the family room

to relax so she could digest.

There were another 3 chairs which caught her interest.

She tried each chair and the one she liked broke with a boom!

The girl quickly pulled out her phone

The girl used her amazon prime

to order a new chair to come on time

and the incident will remain unknown.

In her exhaustion she went upstairs

to sleep on a bed

but she stopped and retread

all the way until she made it downstairs.

She knew that if she slept 

she would end up over sleeping

and would get caught creeping

and for a final time she crept

In her satisfaction she found a map

to use for the rest of the way to  her grandmother's house.

Then she left as quiet as a mouse.

Little did she know that the place where she almost took a nap

belonged to family of bears.

If she had stayed any longer

she would have been in for a series of scares.

This poem is about: 
My family


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