The Past and the Future

Wed, 04/08/2020 - 22:24 -- LibbyMG

When I’m looking back,

I feel I’m about to have a panic attack,

Memories are everywhere,

I hope that one day I will be sitting in your chair,                                                               

They tell me to focus on school,

I can’t stop thinking about you,

No matter how hard I try,

This won’t die,

I can’t seem to comprehend,

You were my closest friend,

You always were caring,

I wish you were still volunteering,

People just don’t seem like they cared,

They act like they are impaired,

When I call your name you don’t respond,

No one understood our bond, 

The sky is blue,

Forever and always…

It will remind me of you,

When will this agony be due,

1, 2, 3,... I can’t feel at ease,

I wish I could give you a squeeze,

This gives me an itch,

This is worse than any typical bitch,

I fell for you in mid-air,

Even though you were not aware,

I had to leave to once your life with me was over,

I wish I could hold you closer,

Phone calls happen daily,

I focus on you mainly,

I’m trapped inside a room,

That feels like doom,

I cry for my dream to come true,

Wishing I could just see you,

Some drink booze, 

But that’s where they lose,

They told me to die in a ditch, 

I wish there was an off switch,

You are needed right now,

I just need to know how,

People are there,

They just don’t seem to care,

I could be delighted,

If only we were reunited,

You told me to keep doing what makes me happy,

Then ended our therapy,

I had to go because you had nothing remaining,

If only someone gave me a warning,

One day will meet soon,

It will be further than the moon,

When that day arrives, 

I won’t have to empathize,

You would be proud of who I am since you have been deceased,

My love and trust for others have decreased,

I have to deal with frustrations without your support,

I wish you had a second resort,

The support that came,

Showed he had a name,

Everyone told me “It’s going to be alright.”,

I just wish I had left a fight.


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My family
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