To The Girl Who

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To the girl whose eyes I have not yet looked into-
Skin I have not yet touched,
and lips I have not yet kissed.
I miss you.
Or, is it I missed you?
I mean I walk by you each day,
look over your beauty,
and for that I’m sorry.
I’m sorry that I was raised to look at you physically,
and not internally.
Im beginning to see how beautiful you are.
Both on the outside,
and inside.

To the girl whose heart I broke-
While you were thousands of miles away,
sitting on a boat in the middle of the ocean,
I’m sorry I had no idea.
I had no idea my actions would hurt you for so long.
And I know you still think about me,
cause, I’m still thinkin’ about you.
I mean, we were never meant to be
Us, We...
It doesn’t really work.
But I appreciate the experience because,
without you I’d still be young,
A little more immature,
and a little less intelligent.
Thank you.

To the girl I used-
I know my sorry’s mean nothing to you now but,
I’m beginning to understand
I guess I’m sorta growing into a man,
all those times I told you that you were all I needed,
and told you how much you meant to me.
They were lies,
all lies.
At that time don’t get me wrong.
You meant an awful lot.
And I’m pretty sure you were all I needed.
But I wasn’t there for a connection like you.
I was only there physically, not mentally.
I’m trying to change,
I am changing.
I know I still got a lot to learn but, at least I’m learning.

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By the way...I am also a rapper and my poem is different from the video. The video is one of my first rap shows and excuse the mild cursing (all apart of expression:))!!!!

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