I Simply Wouldn't Be


United States
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If it wasn't for the magic
when this universe was born-
the gravity that held it down
the sun that kept it warm

If it wasn't for the moon
tugging on the distant sea
or the breeze that took her place
dancing softly on the trees

If it wasn't for the ships
-invasive, they embark!
to pluck and plunder up and down-
to infiltrate the stark

If it wasn't for the sweat
that laced the dark man's brow-
the sweat that cried in agony
but never made a sound

If it wasn't for the dream
of what seemed like a lost cause-
the unity that joined them all
the faith that kept them strong

If it wasn't for the ointment
on segregation's sting
there wouldn't be a mix of two
there wouldn't be a me

If it wasn't for the twinkle
or the periwinkle blue
in your eyes that dared to see beyond
the color in your view

If it wasn't for the failure
in the one you chose as "him"
would you do it any different-
would you do it all again?

If it wasn't for the cells
that met inside your womb
with chances slim to none that day
the angels still chose you

If it wasn't for the village
that it took to raise this child-
the family that did it all
with patience all the while

If the magic never happened
and the wind just wasn't right
If the ship got off of track
and had to turn around that night

If dreams just stayed intangible
and never left our lips
If no one was responsible
enough to raise this kid


The moon had me in mind
when it was tugging on the sea-
If it wasn't for the wounded slave
I simply wouldn't be.

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This poem was written for my mother.

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