Life is Changing.

Dear Future Bride, I stop daily and think about eternity with you.Life would be simple but so worth living.We would be broke college graduates but we would be in love.We would live out our dreams together because together is the dream.Life is changing, but my love for you never will.We would journey through this life together until the day I turn to you.I stop. I look into your eyes. I say to you.I want to spend eternity with you.I want to love you until the day I die.My knee touches the ground, and sparkling tears hit your freckled cheeks.I wait and the world stops, nothing matters.Only you.You say yes. I want to love you forever.Life is complete with you, life will be complete with you. Forever.Vows are exchanged, rings are placed. Life is changing, but my love for you never will.The future becomes visible slowly. We buy a small house together and think we could never be happier.Until one day, two red lines change our lives.The kids run through the house, the dog barks, and the timer for dinner goes off. Life with you is perfect.Life with you will always be perfect,However, the clock never stops. It continues to turn. Day after day.I never wish one second away, but regardless, away they go.The day comes and we say goodbye to our youngest. The dorm door closes, and we drive home in silence.Life is changing, but my love for you never will.I look over and your tear filled eyes sparkle in the light from the moon.I take your hand, and we both know our children will make it in the crazy world.They were raised in a house that embodied true love.They will make it in the world because they know love as we do.The door to my office closes for the last time.I will never sit at my desk again, never clock in or out again.This chapter to life is closing. Emotions flood my mind. But you are the one constant. Life is changing, but my love for you never will.The movers pack the last box in the truck.The sound of waves wakes us up, and the sunrise peaks through the blinds.Life is once again simple. Yet life has never been so good.The chairs creak as we rock back and forth. I take your hand and you take mine.The sunset lights up the same eyes I fell in love with so long ago.I tell you you're my everything, and you tell me I'm yours.Life is changing, but my love for you never will.Not a day passes where my love for doesn't grow deeper.We are getting older, but with you life will always be an adventure.I know that when I take my last breath, I will have no regrets.No regrets about taking a chance at love.No regrets about any second I spent with you. You are my everything, and you made life worth living.Life changed, but my love for you never did.I sit here now and dream of the future. A future with you. A future full of happiness and joy.My life with you will one day be complete, neither of us know how it will happen, but I'm sure that it will be amazing, because with you, everything is amazing. Love,Isaac  

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