My House Is Like A Circus Party


My house is like a circus party, 

But a little crazy for me, 

Come right in, and right this way,

Why don't you come and see?

You see the lion and it's tamer?

Performing tricks and all of that?

That's my little brother you see,

And Tigger my pet cat.

Do you see the ringmaster with her rings?

That swing by you with a swoop?

Well that's my little sister,

And her favorite hoola-hoop.

See the crazy monkey,

Who is swinging from the vine?

That is my daddy swinging,

On the swing set that is truley mine.

The tight rope with the container of rats beneath,

And the acrobat trying not to fall in?

That is mommy on the diving board,

Ready to jump and swim.

You see the little girl,

Standing right over there?

That is just little old me,

Being the normal one, this is swear.

It is amazing how everything,

Is not to what may appear,

Though is quite funny to watch,

But sometimes a pain in the rear.

So tell everyone,

And everyone you meet, 

About my circus party house, 

So hurry and grab a seat!


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