Teenagers' Lament


United States
36° 58' 25.4028" N, 76° 31' 32.5236" W

What awaits me, what assails?
What on Earth could I be?
What will I do and how will I grow?
Will I grow?
And how?
Will I travel near or far?
Will I wish upon a star?
Will I meet a gentle prince?
Or maybe not a gentle one, but one that would fight,
Fight for me, and my family and my friends, and my children.
Will I pass this test?
Will I make an A?
Who did what or is it whom?
Will I get out the house soon?
Will I go to the moon?
I don’t want to go to the moon.
But maybe to the bathroom.
That’s safer.
Can you wish upon the sun?
Isn’t it a star?
Isn’t it far?
Who will win this competition?
Does it change when you’re older?
Do you love me?
Do I love you?
Will I?
Finally, I am twenty.
But now I feel empty.


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