One, Indivisible

One heart, one mind
All of our fates, intertwined
Campaigns, rallies all for one cause
Because we as a nation, belong under God
Who made man in his own image
Gave us the power to make our decisions
Who are we to judge, to take rights away
When voices are crying, trying to say
I am an individual, a human being with dreams
And a future that I have worked hard to achieve.

Look back in your history books,
My great grandfather is on page 64
Not the white man on the right, the other one you glossed over.
He came to America as an indentured servant
Working like all other men, calm and observant
Grasping to the belief, much like mine
That there will be a time when freedom shines.

My uncle on the other hand, lives in fear
Of a community driven by one like-minded sphere
He’s gay you see, and we are all so proud
That he can withstand the malevolent cloud
Of hatred.
But one day we hope this will be dissipated
My uncle and other homosexuals liberated.
To marry, to love, to cherish, to hold
To live their lives, their stories unfold
Without dread in their hearts that they will not be accepted
By a society founded in freedom from oppression.

America today, not much will change
Until we as a nation, rally and estrange
The stereotypes and the bitter past
Only then will the fear of the unknown be abolished at last.
America the Beautiful, America the Brave
Taking the first steps, uniting to save
The concept of equality.
So lift your voice, it’s time to shout
To break down those walls, to step out from the crowd.
We are all one heart, we are all one mind.
All of our fates are intertwined.


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