The Pain of a Black Woman


United States
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For centuries the black woman has been
demoralized then defamed.
As well as watching her dignity being put to shame.

She observed over the years her children being
scold and sold.
Then witnessed the killing of her daughters and
sons as they were hung.

She underwent much agony that burdened her soul.
Yet she displayed strength of gold that keeps her
mentally whole.
Even through years of being discredited, she has been
highly disgraced from others of the female race.

She took on a lot of burden throughout the years with
resentment of painful tears.
As she was forced to give birth in the cotton field,
then serve
her master in his home while she left her
children home alone.
Her love for Christ kept her intact, yet her soul

to react because she was force to raise the slave
owner’s child…pain of dislike continue to increase.

In spite of all that abuse, her self determination
and darkness of inner grief converted into light
of a virtuous woman’s internal peace.

Still the black woman’s spirit runs free and her bravery
cannot be measured; which leaves her strength of
beauty a mystery.
Many ethnic groups try to explain the endurance of the
black woman’s pain.
She hides it with self-pride but deep in her heart
the hurt of injustice continues to silently reside.

She is a true treasure of life struggle that cannot be
Spiritual encouragement she possesses inside.

(c) By Naomi Johnson

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