Windy Halls


It is Thursday, a Happy day as it is the day before Friday. I walk upon narrow corridors resonating the thoughts of what I presume to be a dear friend. He said something to me, something that shook me to my bones. A painful truth that I have been hiding, biding my time knowing that such things would be known. Known of us. Of her. Her beauty is unkept. She's not glorious nor does she walk with elegance, yet I still give her my key. I jest, oh do i jest like a fool. She walks upon the windy hallways without shame, the light to my days always greeting me with smiles. That light dies though, forcing me to find new light so I will not shudder from the cold that I have been left with. We converse, she decides, and like a knife cuts flesh, the strings of love snap, and thus, it is no more. The fire dies. She then presumes to leave, taking a small piece of me with her. I cant help but recoil for a second, and then i move on with my thursday. I must take one more look though, for it will be my last. "I hate to see you leave but I love to see you go." I remember this line from a comedy show as I see her grow distant from me. Why do I find humor in even the most painful of times. Her hair flutters in the presence of gods most favorite element, the whistling halls never felt so desolate. The wilderness seems so calm now, for awhile I thought that such terrain was behind me, but I see I was a fool. I sit for awhile to calm my nerves. "Its so Beautiful today, why must I be this upset?" I sigh at the question. I feel numbness that could be mistaken as joy, I feel lightness in my core and I feel as if I could fly away forever and never look back, let these windy halls take me away from it all. The air so clean, my friends around me sharing laughs, the usual tasteless food actually tasting decent for once...
The flames of today begin to pass as I think such thoughts in my steamy chamber, water so hot it provokes imagination. And with this the treasurers and mysteries of tomorrow peak there head over the bed of time, waiting to pounce.
Thinking back as i lay within my sheets, It was almost a perfect day.



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