When the Rain Comes

When the rain comes

We’re taught to run inside.  

Hide for your life, and stay dry.

We build up our wals

Wide and tall

Keeping us safe from the storm

But how do we know if it ever gets warm?

See we don't and we stay inside

Fear making us stay on the other side

Not experiencing what to do when the storm brews.


Those wall are our umbrellas, they keep us dry but leave us cold.

Cold from the wind the storm sends and we get stuck-

Not the kind you can escape from, but the numbing of the bones-

It turns us to stone

It keeps us safe...or so we thought

But we were bought.

Bought at a price so high, we deserve to see the sky.

To allow the rain to warm our face, to experience our space.  


So come out of the castle you built yourself

The forest and the rain will show you their wealth.


This poem is about: 
Our world



A great creative poem that inspires in metaphor, to not hide n run but face the storms in life. To face our fears.Kudos.


I see comments are not common here, but interaction is good for the human touch in this cold world.  Pleez do comment/ review my newest poem too.


Thank you, it is nice that someone understands my writing and the motivation behind it.

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