Father Problems.


I hate my father so much.

For being a jackass and such.

His attitude brings out the anger out of me,

yet his attitude has been passed down through the family tree,

and it has unfortunately been passed down to me.

I tell myself I'll never be like him.

Yet his genes show through the color of my skin.

My hatred for him developed at the age of five,

because he just ignored me all the time.

As I became a teenager my hatred for him increased,

because his concern for his family was his least.

The thing that I hate about him the most

is the fact that he only cares about himself.

If I had the balls to I'd tell him straight to his face:

"I hope you rot in Hell!"

All the shit he put me and my mom through is unforgivable.

Im surprised that my life is still livable.

But, he is still my father

and without him I wouldn't be here today.

I just wish he said "I love you son" once,

but he will never have anything positive to say.











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