'Unconditional' Love

Mon, 10/23/2017 - 19:11 -- tayac10

I know you don’t even exist yet, however I love you so much

I cannot wait to bring you into this world


I will cherish every moment with you

I will always be there for you

I will raise you to be the best you

I will accept you, no matter what shape or size

I will care for you, even if I cannot care for myself

I will support you, in every decision you make

I will always value your personhood

I will always provide for you

I will always love you


I will never put anything above you

I will never put you on the streets

I will never intentionally hurt you, emotionally or physically

I will never abandon you, or make you go without

I will never make you pick sides or manipulate you

I will never leave you just to get high

I will never sexualize you, or make you feel unsafe in your own home

I will never throw away your belongings or sell your items

I will never stop loving you

I will not be my parents or treat you how they treated me

But I will be the parent to you I wish I always had

This poem is about: 
My family


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