Her Star Wars alarm sounds at 8 AM
Every single morning
And she struggles against her blankets
Because she managed to wad herself up
In them again, like she does every single night
When she’s fighting the monsters in her nightmares.
Special K strawberry cereal is poured and eaten
Within ten minutes, and then she spends
About and hour on her phone
Face booking
And blogging
And then she gets up to shower
Depending on her mood
And whether or not she decides to shave
They take 10 – 13 minutes.
She ponders her fall from grace,
And she attempts a prayer.
She thinks about the opportunity she’s missing out on, but doesn’t know if she wants to call to see if she can fix it.
She dresses, does her hair and puts her makeup on.
She listens to music, and thinks about her lost loves.
She cries a little and moves on
She drives to work, blasting bad quality music as she goes
And she spends 8 hours there, folding sweaters and dealing with smokey customers.
She drives home, after trying to flirt with a coworker
And she eats cold food “saved” for her in the oven.
She goes to bed with makeup on, hair officially in a mess,
And as she drifts to sleep, she thinks of him, and them, and that, and Him, and her, and him.
And then the nightmares begin.


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