How I Fell In Love

when I was five, I fell out of love when my parents divorced

when I was 7, I fell back in when I met a boy in the first grade

I fell in love when i was 12 with a band,

I fell out when I turned 13

I fell further when i turned 14

and at 16 i was the furthest from love

I met a boy when i turned 17 that made my heart spin, like my dad would spin me around when I was five

and i have not seen either of them in a while

but as I am 19, I couldn’t be closer to love. I see her everyday, her growth, her progress,

her love. This time the love is for herself, and it flourishes and makes her spin, and there’s no fear of her going anywhere


This poem is about: 
My family



there was supposed to be breaks/indentations everytime i fell in love, but it didn't post the way i wanted it to :[

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