Past Problems, Future Success

The taste in your mouth that lingers and trudges, has no adulation for you any longer.
The taste that's withers your tongue and scolds your cheeks shares the same name as I.
Your erotic lips and animalistic eyes
Where something I did not catch.
When our time came to its sweet demise,
The fiducial relations I thought we had
Was something for the simplistic mind.
For the reason we are through seemed so vague
And left me with no words.

No words except this, I tell you this, to purge the simplistic mind is not an easy task.
It's something that takes time and a will power that's greater than the mouth of the Mississippi.

Head my warning when I say this
You reap what you sow.
The seeds you've sown will bear no fruit to gather,
But my harvest will be great and my fruit will speak words of power.
For my words will cut like a sword so clean and so smooth.
They will be as sturdy as a trained surgeons hand, and valued more than gold.


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