All You Need Is Love

Would it be corny if i started with a Beatles quote?

“All You Need Is Love” fills me with so much hope

Because I’ve never been truly in love

So this idea sounds like a gift from up above

Coming from a hopeless romantic,

To be stranded with only love and surrounded by the atlantic

Seems ideal and fantastic


If I were stranded on a desert island

nothing around me, not even highlands

I would want love surrounding me

A partner in life, ideally

Theres love with my mother

But she tends to smother

On an island, isolated with her

We would only suffer!

To be happily deserted in this scenario

I would like to avoid my mother's hysteria


Now back to what I'd like

A person who is dreamlike

That makes the little time we would have left

Seem like this part of my life is the best

We would be distressed

At rest,

Care free

And just be able to be

Feel the sun on our skin

Like this is the way it should have been

Feel the crisp of the rain

As we pick each other's brain

Love can make this situation feel like a vacation

As if this was our self built nation

This unwanted circumstance

Gave us a chance

To connect and love

See what we're really made of

And for this hopeless romantic to get what she's always craved of

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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