We are to blame


“Citizens, brothers and sisters of the United States Of America

Today marks a victory in the history of the United States!

I am touched and I thank you all for your time and effort

Your dedication to allow me to take office as your president

Your voices today have made an impact on this great nation

Do not think you have not gone unheard”

Stop… Did I hear what I think I just heard?

Your voice? Gone unheard?

If anything, the only voice that is being heard is his.

Democracy is at its limits

Our voices grow weaker as the years go by

You choose to stand in line for a pair of Jordans that will last for months

But you refuse to stand in line to make a vote that will be in term for four years.

People approach you with a survey to make a change

Yet you refuse to do and you are the one who started the complaint

So in the end, all I can really say is

We are to blame


What is left for the young? What is the left for the old?

For the minorities, the gays, and the poor?

Nothing much so I have been told

Our future is fading away and the generation of our youth is in vain

In the land of the free of this great nation

The promises of liberty and rights

Instead we live in fear and in discrimination


We are giving up our rights for protection

Against terrorist attacks that never even happened
because we cannot learn to trust one another

We plagued our reputation of being a land of opportunity

Rupturing a creation of hate within the outside countries

And all you do is sit there in anger, but you refuse to take action yourself

With the lack of action then we might as well just surrender our rights

And live under a Dictation

Calling me out for speaking the truth?

All I can say is we are to blame!


Candidates lack motivation

Give them a reason to run

The people lack inspiration

Because we feel like we are being shunned


Global warming,  poverty, pollution, discrimination, weak generation

We are damned for devastation

I am not promoting Anarchy and I am not promoting a new system

I demand for the people’s voices to be heard

Until then we are stuck with the thought of taking the blame

Because we are to blame!


We are one, we should stand together

Not in parties or in structured classes

The burdens we carry, should never be ours alone

We have gone to far and brought to shame

It is time for us to swallow our pride and shame

Could it be that we do not try hard or not try at all?

There are more questions than there are of answers

Because the answers are silent due to fear of this Nation’s wrath

If we can not do so then I don’t want this anymore

Take it all away from me,Take it away

I don’t want it anymore!

Because we are to blame!


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