The world was vast and wide

The land and ocean as one

The sky so clear at day and night

Able to see what the big bang had done




Plant life grew and reached up high

To provide the landscape to live upon

Animal life able to search their home

To start a new generation to last further on




After the explosion the killed the ancients

The new apparent dominaint force was born

They hunted and gathered to continue and survive

Then the earth shook and finally became torn




As years passed, the world began to change

The sky became unclear day and night

The trees ceased their reach for the sky

The animals even became shaken with fright




Inventions continued here and there

"Only to improve lives," they say

But it begins to kill anything that lives

Nothing kept aside nor at bay




Pollution became the air we breathe

Ammuntion became the new and improved weapon

Used everywhere across the entire globe

Humanity is now gone from within




"Where to continue next?" they ask

Where can any kind continue on and above?

It's now become the beginning of the end

Unless all violence becomes a peaceful dove




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