The Art of Lovin'

Dancin' into a beautiful goodmornin',

and playin' to a beautiful goodnight.

The passion is like no other

A fire of pure delight.

Sharin' from the weakest of detail

To the diary of a your universe.

Truth in all honesty strengthens the power of both souls.

Not to laugh is as not to love

since love is from laughter to tears of joy.

Creatin' a safe heaven for both,

The art of love creates a new born,

It creates another soul, your other half, 

Everythin' you've wished for evolves to life. 

The most beautiful element in our universe

right in the palms of your hand.

So what is love you ask me?

The lovin' of your own anatomy and mind

The lovin' of fire in the hottest summer

and of cold in the ice age.

Love is love with your peace of soul.


This poem is about: 
My family


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