Sat, 04/20/2013 - 01:46 -- beeks


United States
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Gazing off into space with her deep brown eyes
Pleading for someone to notice
All the sorrow she hides
Deep in her heart
Only knowing that tears are not enough
All her memory’s flow out of her mind
Like a waterfall gushing the memories to the surface
Her tears are warm and moist
As if she were alive
Alive to notice that nothing is what it seems
As she sits alone
In the shadows of her mind
Screaming out with all her pain
Crying out
Only to know that no one can hear her screams
Feeling alone and ensnared
Not knowing what to do
Seeing all her friends transform in front of her
She runs so fast to grasp the end
But in the closing stages
She’s stuck
Stuck in a No-Name-Town
With people who hate more than love
Who are afraid of the bizarre
And except the normal
And yet
Tears are not enough
To assure all these people
Who would rather see two men holding guns
Than two men holding hands.


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