I Am You.

i am a girl.


i'm not just a simple girl. not your girl-next-door. 


i'm not the popular girl that has girls and guys


on their knees just to be 

seen by. 


i am the lowercase intended sidenote at the bottom of 


a forgotten book in the back of a 


forgotten house at the end of a 


dilapidated street. 



i am the butt of the bread. 


perfectly fine, really. 


however, the stigma that comes attached to me 


makes me undesirable and leaves me 





i am a lone wolf. 

i am the dark side of the moon. 


i am the part of society that looks at the world 


from upside down, and unfortunately upside down is


an angle that many people don't even give


the time of day. 

they don't really have the time with their important


jobs and greedy kids. 


kids who don't even stop to acknowledge the roses,


let alone smell them. 


i am the darkness in your mind. 


not really something you chose to have there,


but something that is there none-the-less.



i am the part of you that you run from.


you spend your days keeping busy and staying


in the loop. smartphones in hand, computers an arms length away.


yet here i stand. i am you. i am the part of society that is left to 

save the world. we have a bit of that in all of us.


so run from me while you can, for


slow and steady does win the race. and soon


"you are not me" will turn into "you have always been me"


and finally you will know freedom.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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