O Death, Wherefore Art Thou?

A teacher asked:
What is Death?
And the student answered:
is that state where one
lives only in the memories of others.
Some see it as
a changing into an
indestructible form,
forever unchanging.

You can’t deny
that we are still a dangerous
savage child race.
If we are going to be damned,
let us be damned for what we really are.
Life and death are seldom logical.
We humans are full
of unpredictable emotions
that logic cannot solve.
We disposed of emotion.
Where there is no emotion,
there is no motive for

We’re human beings with
the blood of a million
savage years on our hands!
History became legend.
Legend became myth.
I thought my people
would grow tired of killing
if we felt any human loss
as keenly as we feel one of
those close to us.

But we have elected
the way of pain!
Dark have been my dreams of late.
I saw the Eastern sky grow dark.
But in the West, a pale light lingered.
Darkness is coming.
We do not see what lies ahead,
when Sun has faded
and Moon is dead!
Our minds reject things
we don’t understand!
What can Men do
against such reckless hate?

What right do you have to punish us?
This is just another page of history,
isn't it?
Men will always be men
no matter where they are.
You can’t rewrite history.
Your ideas are too narrow,
too crippled.
No being is so important
that he can usurp the rights of another.
That’s the truth that we have obscured
behind a comfortable, easy euphemism.

I am not a student of human nature.
I can only tell you the truth!
In an attempt to show you
that there are some things
worth dying for.
There is no shame in being afraid to die.
But there is terrible shame
in being afraid to live.

Until Death becomes a familiar pattern.
Oh, your sense of duty is overwhelming.
But even in war there are rules.
Above all else, a “god” needs compassion!
You can’t feel anything, can you?
There is no mercy in you.
Therefore, I object to you.
I object to intellect without discipline,
to power without constructive purpose,
to triumph without loss,
to victory without suffering,
to freedom without sacrifice.
Freedom is a length of rope.
God wants you to
hang yourself with it.
Your violent intent and actions
demonstrate that you are not civilized.
Do you play God,
carry his head through the corridors
in triumph?

I do not fear Death.
Look at me.
I believe in an idea
that one man can win a war.
For fear is the true enemy,
the only enemy.
So we put it away.
We keep it hidden.
We never speak of it again.
But I never fight against the inevitable.
The world of Men shall fall.
All will come to darkness.
It is what will come to pass
if you should fail.

Many that die deserve life.
And some that live deserve death.
There are times when
it is necessary to die for
one’s ideals.
In the strict scientific sense,
we all feed on death.
Do you believe
this is one of those times?
It is amazing how often
apparent defeat can be turned into victory.
Our destiny is in the stars.
Let us go and search for it,
those are the days worth living for.

Death is that state
where one lives only
in the memory of others,
which is why it is not
an end.


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