Miles Smiles

A beginning.

New life, bright lights.

Tiny fingers, tiny toes.

A brand new life, a newfound cry,

I hold you close. I watch you grow.


You are my flower, my favorite joy.

You grip so precious, your perfection glows.

Gummy smiles, I watch you grow.


The scent of milk stays close to you.

Your sleep is swaddled by clouds.

Tiny mouths, but oh so loud.

You learn to sit, I watch you grow.


Clothes outgrown, shoes left behind.

You found your toys, your bed changed size!

 New foods you explore! The world is more!


Movement. Everywhere

So much to see, somewhere to be!

Scoots from      h e r e 

                           to  t





Oh yes, joy is everywhere!


Milestones I count and count,

You changed my life,

You make my proud.


Little one I love you so.

My precious son, I watch you grow.

This poem is about: 
My family
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