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My father will never understand the constant frustration
that runs through my mind when I think to chase him.
To run after the man who has my heart but it's an abomination
because in this household to love another color is leads to allegations.
Problems that will up rise in our relationship because we have different pigmentation.
I will not stand alone and be judged for my lord knows that we are both his creation's.
I will not let the eyes cause me to fall, nor the consistent chatter and speculations,
because deep down I cannot hold back there is no hesitation.
He loves me for me not for my pigmentation.
This world will face equality one day, one day there will no longer be retaliation.
We come together as one because we were all created under the same nation,
by the same god and for him we will walk together with the same movement and harmonization.
For he is mine and I am his, true infatuation.
We see past the color of our skins there is no complications.
For we do not care what others think of our relations
racism will soon see an end, a beautiful cessation.

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