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Jumping into the leaves with you,
Brings me back to times of glory,
Back when I ruled a kingdom of slides and swing sets,
Back when I crossed continents in a single hour,
Back when I slept in Neverland with the autumn leaves beneath me,
When did Time steal us away to this place
Where rules noosed itself around the spirit,
Where we are forced to look so far ahead,
We can scarce remember the old sky?
As night wrapped around us, I looked up from my leafy bed,
I watched you throw leaves into the air—
Pixie dust for those who have forgotten.
Amidst my shrieking about my hair and clothes,
For a moment twelve years faded back,
And my spirit freed,
And my strength regained,
And my crown restored.
This, my love, is your greatest gift.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

every word that was use is so meaningful
this poem shows you care for soemone deeply
great job

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