little girl playing in rain puddles 

herding fussy ducklings under rainy sky 

raincoat swish-swish 

wellies squeak and slurp 

hungry beasts

gold hair, bright eyes

clueless and naive.

       bigger girl, stay brave 

runs wild so free  

in long hot grass 

and cool dark tree

teaching baby to walk and talk  

and never to look down 

fearless and bold 

     older girl now wise 

watches and waits 

contained in walls of glass  

survivor of hard times and downfall 

rubble mover, bandaid placer  

everything will be all right sayer 

white lies and knowing. 

    sleeping girl dreams

dreams of better days 

curls and raindrops 

blackberry kisses and chasing 

the sun and talking

 to the moon and freedom.

leaking eyes as baby grows 

to be just the same.




This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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