We live in an age of desperation

We're in a constant war but not with other nations

We fight ourselves on everyday situations

We're born in a bubble deprived of sensation


Life made of misconceptions

A world made of our own perceptions

Perceiving a role model of something completely obverse

A brother with quite a unexpected curse


An affliction that is self-caused

An affliction that is not easily paused

Remission of an addiction

Does not seem as well as it's depiction


A house certainly not suited to learning

A house that certainly puts out any burning

Glimmering sensation of hope

All because of a brother stuck on dope


Times have passed and things are much better

All the memories however remain quite bitter

How are we expected to live a full life

When we feel we are surrounded by living lies


My grades are low

My mind's grown slow

Dreary of remaining hopeful

Dreary of getting my hopes full


Though through clearer eyes, I now see

That perhaps life isn't as bleak as I make it to be


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