Day one

Ordinary routine sweeps evenly through all jungle’s of concrete 

It’s comfort  fulfilled when snuggled  into its tedious mold

the outdoors were in sound normalcy

Nothing out of place

Everything in order

A mind wouldn’t think twice about a single brush of skin

accidental or with purpose

Living  life as planned, oblivious to our hunted fate

Wreaking havoc, the life we took for granted was now a  history that is to be printed on school books 


Day 14

Denial runs its race with safety, practically teasing  life with fatal threats

Time is a transforming larva, ready to take off and leave the world behind

Covid is a band of tigers  and they’re waiting 

to pounce just outside your door 

No longer we snug inside our molds for comfort

It's our only source of protection now


Day 86

Fervid streets lie dead in the sun with no one to lay for 

Hands are bathed with poisonous fluids to escape a hungry enemy

feeding off of civilization by the  thousands 

Our premonitions of a technological future have come faster than anticipated with our only cautious form of  touching 

 being through the screen


The count for  sleeps has vanished

Concept of time only told by constellation

The world has gone dark, but look

sparks are flying


This creature continues its rampage, but our people are listening

We’re watching; We’re inside looking out to those painted skies that used to play as our rooftop 

Traveling whispers of  newfound remedies 

Trial and error after trial and error

Day 1. 


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