Clearly Misunderstood


 Dancing boxertaking giverfighting allyloving enemy.Muscularly weaksweetly rough.Trying quitterplaying spectator.Joyful screamshappy sobsscary smiles.Dad you are an oxymoron.You’re like curry.At first you’re nice with a little bit of kickthen it starts to burnand you know you’ll never forget itA short fuse.A bomb waiting to explode.  Your short temper is your weakness. Screaming silence. Once you get past your threatening Crust you’re greeted with a warmsmiling Mantle.  One that anyone can lovebut not all find the time to dig to it.  I’m lucky I’ve lived with you for 14 years I’ve dug all the way down to the Inner Core.  Every layer better than the last.  Extra ordinary. I just now realizedwhyyou are constantly tired.  You support each of the kidsAvilouder than a lionOlivertrouble maker extraordinaire Baylorterrible twos and then me.  You must get exhausted holding our fragile pride like 100 lb weights.  Thenon top of thatyou have your own life to live a job a wifebills to pay.  Its crazy you still have enough energyto love everyone of us.  An awake sleeper. You may have weaknessesbut thats just the Crust.  Compared to the rest of the youthe Crust is just a thin layer to the rest of the equation.  One of your meaningful smilescould last a lifetime of warmth.  I hope you lay that tired head of yours down for a sleep full of sweet dreams.  A dad-like daughter.  


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