Heart Breaks

Heart breaks hurt
When the person thinks it funny what he did
It makes it even worse
It’s like why say all of this to me and treat me like this

I don’t know what hurts more
Criticizing you
The mean comments you said that you find funny
The fact that you treated me pretty bad
Or the fact that you don’t realize what you’re doing to me
Or a combination of all of this
It’s like seriously all of its pretty bad

Why couldn’t you have been nice
Why didn’t you even think what any of this could do to me
Why didn’t you even think how it would make you look to people

I don’t know what’s worse
The fact that you did all this crap
The fact that you never hurt me like this
The way you hurt me
The fact that you think all of it’s funny when its not

You seemed like a good person
Then after all of this I don’t think you are

What happened
How did things turn out like this
Why did they have to turn out like this

Sometimes its like why did all of it have to happen this way
Couldn’t there have been a better way

But sometimes thing end up that way
You never know why
But there’s always a reason
Sometimes friendships come and go
The one who destroys you was the one who really wasn’t meant to stay in your life
So it has to end somehow
Things don’t always have a good ending
Sometimes they have a bad ending
You don’t why but that’s how things are

The one who is there for you
Is the one you should keep as a friend
The one who isn’t there for you
Is the one you shouldn’t keep as a friend
The one who truly cares about you will try to help you and will try not to hurt you
The one who truly doesn’t care about you will not try to try to help you and may hurt you a lot
Also, the one who truly doesn’t care about you may try to hurt and thinks it’s funny to hurt you
It shows who you’re real friend is and the one who you need to let go and not be friends with anymore

Let’s face it
It may take many incidents to realize who your true friend is
And who isn’t your true friend
The one who isn’t your true friend
You need to ignore and get rid of


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