I Am Determined

I am a Amanda

I was born on a tuesday

Now I dance on Tuesday

Every tuesday

I take my shoes, all my shoes

ballet slippers

point shoes

charater heels

jazz shoes

sneakers to walk in

and i drive

I drive to Miami

I drive to West Pines

I drive wherever my drive takes me

To dance

I am a dancer





I am a lover

I show my love thru my dance

you can see it in my movement

in my face

in my toes

in my turns

in my falls

the way i leap toward the sky

I am a dancer

I never stop

its my my walk

the way i talk

I am a lover

in my eyes and my lips

you always find a smile, a kiss

I am a dancer

I am a lover

The combination of both in me created a fire

A desire

My love of dance drives my life

Through happiness, grief and strife

I will always dance


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