About Me


My childhood was spent outside.
75% of my summer days I was running,
I had my first "boyfriend" at the age of 5;
my next door neighbor, Christian.
I poured mud on him and he ran home crying.
He never played with me again.
At the house on the cliff, my sister saved me from falling.
We'd make s'mores in the fireplace which was about 5 times my size.
I used to want to be Avril Lavigne; or at least be her best friend.
I changed schools from Poughkeepsie to Highland after 3rd grade,
Both Catholic schools;
I got made fun of for wearing pants instead of a skirt.
My best friend decided I wasn't cool enough to be around,
So she left me.
I met a girl who didn't exist; after a while she left too. 
I met my boyfriend and he took me on the ferris wheel;
The carnival played "When A Man Loves A Woman" and we laughed.
He also brought me to a lakeside castle.
I thought my life had no purpose, so he changed my mind.
I told myself I'd never amount to anything,
So he changed my mind again.
He is my knight.
I dreamed of being skinny; of being a fairy; of being a princess.
ED the beast almost destroyed me,
So my knight saved me again.
Every music has its place in the world, whether I like it or not. 
My knight would probably disagree.
I took too many college classes before college.
I missed deadlines and overwhelmed myself with work.
My copy of Shug has been read and highlighted so often
the pages are bent and the spine is worn.
I started my own photography "business" almost a year ago, and have made money from it.
That in and of itself is more than I ever thought I'd do.
I have spent hours reading quotes before.
“Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we're quoting.”
-John Green
I live by "expect the worst, hope for the best."
Emily Dickinson is my favorite poet.
I don't think I'm important, but The Doctor has said otherwise.


Mafi Grey

We are all amazing creatures and we do the most strangest things, but believe me when I say this; were not special from any of the rest until we stop trying to be everybody else. The true you, your inner self is what beauty is, the madness we use to paint with; yet the music we make is just from the pen that shakes. We craft with our minds, a loophole between reality and dreams We can make anything we desire. So you are special, because you made one person from all the fakes to show you what real love is. He changed your mind because he saw you as something unique, something that stood out from the rest. So keep writing and prove people wrong as I always have done. This is what real special is, something that has purpose of living just to ignore those fakes; to stand tall and be uniquely true shining beauty.

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