A Drive


United States
33° 39' 13.0176" N, 81° 24' 21.3084" W

Everyday I wake up,
I wake up with a weight on my shoulders,
The desire to be great,
or be the next successful story,
I see the pain of my mother,
the way she worked her butt of just for me,
the way she loved me more then anything in this entire world,
one day I will pay her back for all she does for me,
People ask me why I work so hard to be the best,
but seeing the smile on my mothers face is the reason I give it my all,
She is the person I strive to make happy;
the one I will do anything for;
we only get one mother,
this is the reason I do what I can to show her I love her,
My mother is my inspiration,
and one day, I give you my word,
I will pay her back for all she has done for me.


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