An Earth Anthem


United States
34° 46' 45.0012" N, 92° 20' 48.552" W

Come on, listen
As I’m speaking carbon is being emitted
But no you don’t care
And no you’re not hearing me
And if you can’t see all this pollution
Then you’re obviously not seeing clearly
We need to stand up
And make a difference
Save our earth before
It’s the end of us
Our glaciers are melting
And our oceans are rising
And you’re sitting there fantasizing
About a material world and material things
Like shiny cars, flashy clothes, and diamond rings
But did you forget that that diamond came from the ground
And that shirt made of cotton came from something round
Yeah, that’s right
I’m talking about the earth
We need to save it
For all it’s worth
We’re drowning ourselves in chemicals
And artificial preservatives
While I’m standing up here
Talking about becoming more conservative
Conserve your water
Conserve your energy
To prevent our whales from becoming extinct
To make sure that our polar bears survive
So they’re not standing alone on thin ice
Going green becoming all organic
Saving our oceans like the Pacific and Atlantic
Stopping deforestation
And careless oil spills
Taking care of our endangered animals
And doing something real
Stopping poaching and pollution
Start finding alternative energy solutions
All of this, just to lessen our carbon footprint
Look at the increase in natural disasters
Can’t you take a hint?
So listen to me as I take a stand
Because I can’t do this alone
No, I won’t do this alone
Because together we can save our planet!


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