Tinkers' Truth

Tinker, Tinker Bell, oh I know you so well

You entice, you excite, but most importantly you're not very nice

I dare say this only to myself, or else I'll become very frail

You live for the attention, if I do so may mention

You act as if you'll die, if you’re not given as much as a dime

They all love you, you see, but to me you are nothing but a bully

You thrive for all of one’s eyes to be bestowed upon you, but you’re such a tool

You use people to speak of your name, so you can go out and tame

Tame those lost children, for your own amusement

Even he, who is looked upon as a king, has fallen under your spell,

You grant them abilities, to hide your evil monstrosities

But I Wendy, can see through them, I’ll make them open up their eyes,

To see through your fairy like disguise

 I wish open this very same star, for us to never set foot again on this land

And to get very far


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