A GIrl with Courage Ruby Bridges


United States
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There is a path just found behind the school
Rumors say what happened there was very, very cruel
I go to see the famous place
And find footsteps at the base
I follow it and hear a crack
I’m in someone else’s flashback
I see her life through my eyes
And hear all her silent cries
Many yell and threaten her
Their face a mask of anger
She does not quake nor does she tremble
But she smiles like an angel
She points her chin with pride and spirit
And walk on floors of granite
I see her childhood of insults and hurt
But her mind is fresh and pert
She still fought to go to school
Despite people being cruel
She was a black in a place of whites
But she was the brave sunlight
With this strength she went on in life
Doing everything she believed in
I come back to reality to do a little bit of thinking
I realize now that I agree
That everyone is a beauty
Black or white or red or yellow
We’re all a human fellow
I still hear her say
“I fight for equality no one can take that from me”
Ruby Bridges was the girl who was brave
She inspires me to give like how she gave
Even if this was long ago
Her memories are still aglow

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