I fell for you like the rain;


Gradually and slowly in almost an intricate pattern.


Where the drops are unnoticeable and cease to affect the worlds balanced ways.


Drip drip drip…


I fell faster

The sound of rain pattering fills my head.


The grass moistens, and the cotton cushions on the patio chairs illustrate the shadows of the drops that fall upon them.


It was dark.

The clouds gray,

 Spreading at an unstoppable speed. 

No room for intervention, and the only solution is to let 





Without a moment’s notice, rain pours, 

My love for you, drowns the earth.

Flooding the streets and watering the plants;


This rain promised destruction but also beauty.


It was my responsibility to either let the rain flood the basements of these suburban homes, 

or enrich the thirsty hydrangeas in the backyard allowing them to flourish like a real love should.


I prayed to the sky to relieve the streets of overflow, 

I'm sorry, I wasn’t enough.


My love for you was so powerful that even I lost control,


And the tragedies will leave a scar forever from this sorrowful rain we called love.


So while I sit here in this dark house listening to the splashing of the drops on my roof, 

I find myself envying the rain.

For while the raindrops fall... at least they don’t have to fall alone.


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