And Now it Was Just Billy


Breaking through the confines of my mind, back to reality,

   It is apparent that I am still sitting in the back of this

Vehicle and the force that gave me back life has

     Sprayed through the air and shattered through

                 The rear view mirror and distorts my image.

                    I find it fitting and climb into the front

          Of the car and it’s suddenly soaring back to life.


I feel at peace with the heat that seems to emit from the seats.

     Because it reminds me that even though you’re not here,

In this place you have so often deemed your home,

         I can still feel safe. I feel like nothing can get to me

    In this metal barrier that appears to deflect

Any light and bad memories that comes.

    Before I can drive off into the stretched

                       Road and submerge myself into the sky

                          That was now bloodied and stained

In colors that enthralled me,

I think of our relationship and the times we spent alone.


Love is more than just looks and occasional whispers

It is not strengthened with jealousy and it is not

             Weakened by concern and longing.

                   It is like a ivory canvas.

We must paint it together

                  And create our own perception of beauty

              And then take it and handle it with care.


Lonely, I turn on the car radio and the tunes dance

        And tip-toed and tapped on the ceiling

 Billy Joel croons and hums against the wheel

And I inhale his words through my nose,

                  Let them play around in my head,

                      And when they've had their fun

                     They roll off my tongue and spill

            Out of my mouth.

                                  I wish you were here.

              But I've spent too much time wishing things from you.

    Because I finally see that you’re not the star I thought you were.

                                                      It was just me and Billy now.


You had your chance to be here, to allow me to love you.


And now, we have both destroyed ourselves.


                                             And now it was just Billy


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