Will I Ever See You Again?


You're gone,

Out of sight,

Out of my life,

But never out of my mind.


You're always there,

Lingering In the back of my mind,

Refusing to escape my thoughts,

Making everyday a living hell,                                                

And life an impossible burden.


It's hard,

Not hearing from you,

Not knowing how you're doing,

If you're happy, sad, angry,

Or even dead or alive.


It's hard to accept,

That I can't be there for you,

Now or ever again,

Because you're gone,

Without a trace,

Leaving nothing behind,

But sadness in your place.


All that remains,

Are memories to remember you by,

And pure simple emptiness,

Engrained in my soul,

Causing heart wrenching pain,

And inner turmoil,

That only makes it harder to let you go.


But how can I forget you,

When in my heart,

You’re one of a kind,

And irreplaceable?


Where'd you go,

Leaving me all alone in the world,

With nowhere to turn to,

And no one to go to?


Will I ever see you again?


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